YoMos Workshop 2020 --- now online ---

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Crazy times call for creative measures!

Due to the current situation, we decided to move the YoMos workshop into the virtual world:
YoMos goes online!

Since that means you already have your accommodation (#stayhome) - and hopefully also food - we reduced the workshop fee substantially to 10.– EUR.

Three of our keynotes already confirmed their online participation, while we're still in contact with other candidates

  • Thomas Hovestadt (University of Würzburg): Evolution of insect timing (confirmed)

  • Isabelle Gounand (CNRS / Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris - Sorbonne Université): Aquatic ecology, meta-ecosystems (confirmed)

  • Dan Warren (Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre Frankfurt): Evolutionary ecology, environmental niche modelling (confirmed)

  • Matthieu Barbier (CNRS and Paul Sabatier University Moulis): Ecosystem functioning and stability (pending)


Like our past real-life workshops, this virtual version will feature parallel sessions in virtual class rooms. This means: keynote talks, presentations, poster talks, discussions, mini-workshops and maybe even social activities. We'll try to keep it as close to the usual workshop as possible, just with slightly adjusted game rules.

The young modellers in ecology workshops offer a relaxed and open-minded atmosphere that encourages the exchange of experiences and ideas with other young researchers and our invited keynote speakers. Therefore, if you are also working on ecological modelling as a Bachelor, Master or PhD student, you are welcome to present your work as a talk or poster. Moreover, if there are certain skills you could share, propose your own student-led workshop! See what previous attendees have to say about their own experiences.

With kind regards,

The YoMos Organization Team

Charlotte Sieger, University of Würzburg

Elizabeth Barthelemy, University of Grenoble

Lukas Baumbach, University of Freiburg

Ludmilla Figueiredo, University of Würzburg

Nussaibah Raja-Schoob, University of Erlangen

Liubov Zakharova, University of Göttingen

Q&A Section

Which platform will the workshop be based on?

We are currently testing the classroom function on Discord, Zoom and BigBlueButton video calls. These enable us to create our own small environment, where we may set up channels for each session and have a general platform for exchange.

How will the presentations be given?

One person per channel will share their screen with everyone in the channel. After each talk, as usual there will be room for discussion. Per channel, there will be at least one moderator from the YoMos organisation team guiding everyone through the whole process.

Wouldn't discussions end up being one big buzz?

To avoid this from happening, we will introduce special rules for speaking. Everyone but the presenter will be muted by the moderators by default. If a question comes up or there is something you would like to say, just let the moderator know and they will pass on the "mic" to you!

Are there already examples for such online workshops or conferences?

Yes, for an example check this: "Barral (2020) Virtual conferences are the future"

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