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Here you can find announcements and posts of attendees on our latest activities.
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YoMos 2018 Workshop Announcement

Dear YoMos,

we are happy to announce time and location of the upcoming 13th YoMos workshop:

  • Time: Tuesday the 14nd to Friday the 18th of May  (arrival on 14th of May)

  • Location:  “Falsterbo Kursgard” in the vicinity of Malmö, Sweden

  • Fee:  150.– EUR incl. accommodation and food

We are looking forward to interesting presentations by our keynote speakers covering a diverse range of topics in ecological modelling:

  • Greta Bocedi –  University of Aberdeen Movement Ecology & Individual-Based Modelling

  • Gunnar Dressler –  Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Socio-Ecology & Individual-Based Modelling

  • Björn Reineking –  University of Bayreuth Biogeographical Modelling

  • Ben Smith –  University of Lund Vegetation Ecology & Ecosystem Modelling

If you are working in the field of ecological modelling as a Bachelor, Master or PhD student, you are welcome to present your work as a talk or poster. The workshop is a great place to exchange experiences and ideas with other young researchers and our invited keynote speakers as well as to present your research in a relaxed and open-minded atmosphere!

You can use the following link to send us your application for the workshop until 18st of March 2018:

It would be great if you could circulate the information and save the date!

With kind regards,   

The YoMos Workshop Organization Team 

Stefan Reifenberg , University of Freiburg 

Cédric Scherer, IZW Berlin

Marco Sciaini, University of Goettingen           

Theresa Stratmann, BiK-F Frankfurt

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