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YoMos 2023 Recap

After three long years of online meetings, the 2023 YoMos conference was finally back to taking place in-person. 25 participants and three keynote speakers came together in Schloss Hohenroda, situated right in the middle of Germany, for a week of scientific exchange and socializing.

The participants’ talks covered a wide range of topics: from plants to insects to birds, from single organisms to whole ecosystems, from struggling with a programming language to writing whole packages, there was a plethora of interesting talks for everyone. Each talk was followed by an enriching discussion afterwards, hopefully leading to some collaborations in the near future. As is tradition for YoMos, we also had some spectacular workshops organized by the participants themselves that were certainly useful for all attendees.

A mentionable highlight (in addition to their amazing talks) were the informal exchange sessions with our keynote speakers. Thank you for answering all our questions with such patience and profundity!

Besides the incredible scientific networking, there was more than enough time to enjoy a beer in the evening while playing card games, frisbee, and having fun with other participants. Our canine attendees also very much appreciated the barbecue on Thursday night.

A big thank you to everyone who attended and made this year’s workshop such a great experience! We hope to see you all again next year.

Jana (on behalf of the YoMos organization team)

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